Ego and the So-called Dangers of the Law of Attraction
By Margareth Lee

I received an email from someone who wrote:
"I think the mind should also guard against a stumbling block. As long as the mind is not healed from the addiction to the ego, you can also attract irrelevant things with the secret."

In "A Course in Miracles" I read that the thoughts I think are not the thoughts of God.
This is another example of that.
Who believes in stumbling blocks? Not God ...
And that which God does not know is nothing and nowhere! I am very glad about that, because if I take a good look at my human thoughts, I am glad God does not know them and they are nothing.

This discussion about the so-called dangers of the law of attraction has set off everywhere. Especially the fundamental �Christians�feel threatened by the revelation of this knowledge, that Jesus gave us two thousand years ago and which they so successfully concealed. Usually I avoid discussions about the so-called dangers of anything, including the Secret or abuse of the law of attraction. Ego hates the truth and so I do not discuss with ego, period. It does not benefit my vibrational level. It is not a wavelength I want to be on and therefore people who write to me about that usually receive no answer.

Yet there are people like the one who wrote me this email, who sincerely wish to know how to handle these fearful ideas of the ego and for them I write this article.

Sometimes people just join a church and begin to read the Bible. The Holy Spirit wants to lead them to Truth then and the light in them is sparked. A new Christian is immediately placed under the guidance of an agent of the ego, someone who has been in this church longer and the light is extinguished in a little while. Especially the people who just discovered divine reality are a target for the ego to keep them in the limiting world of ego-thinking.

The fear of knowing and applying the law of attraction is the fear for our own power and it is exactly where ego wants to have us. As if people aren't always applying this law!!! Only they do it thoughtlessly and in this way they attract circumstances and things they do not want. And in the process they can feel small and powerless and attract even more misery!

In Calvinism there is glorification of lack and poverty and much rejection of the abundance God wants to give us. And of course in some ancient so-called Christian traditions. Look at the �saints� who whipped themselves with the lash and lived in great poverty. In contrast tot that many Zen monks in Japan drive Rolls Royces etc.

Detachment is part of the law of attraction. You can only attract what you desires when you surrender your desires to God in the confidence that it is done. That is true detachment. To mislead us Ego has distorted this into the idea of sweating it out, living with on s minimum. God is rich and God wants us to have everything too. Therefore the law of attraction operates for us, to make sure we can attract anything and any experience we desire. That is why Jesus said that we shouldn't worry about �your life, what you will eat or drink, or about your body and what you will wear�. Ego explains this as if possession is evil and with this idea the Christian churches have kept people in poverty for ages. However, Jesus did not intend that, on the contrary! When we worry we vibrate on the level of lack and thus attract lack. He only wanted to warn us for that.

The addiction to the ego implies that people are addicted to lack and pain and suffering. Ego wants us to suffer. It is very unchristian to suffer. Ego is constantly trying to keep us away from everything that is good for us, and one strategy is to tell us the lie that we are not allowed to have some things. In the meantime it gives us experiences of sickness, pain, poverty, lovelessness and death as the things that are alledgedly good for us and part of �life�. This is not life!

In divine reality it does not exist, there is only happiness and abundance of all good there, and no form of death.

Can you really imagine that God would want us to live in lack or that we are not allowed to have something because it is irrelevant? God has no lack whatsoever. God allows us to have everything, even the most irrelevant, even this world of so-called good and evil and even lack ...

As soon as a feeling of �I am not allowed something� suggests itself, or �something is not good for me� it is the ego speaking. God knows that nothing can harm you.
As long as you are unconscious your power to create is limited and therefore you are safe for your miscreations. Those are then all perishable and transitory. Even though the temporary experience of them is unpleasant.
When you are conscious, your will is one with God's. You then are under divine guidance and only attract those things that really make you happy. And also abundantly everything you need for your earthly existence.

The email also said: �Sooner or later the mind recognizes there can only be one purpose: becoming one with God.
Becoming one with God is not a purpose, it is a fact. Our goal is increasing awareness of our oneness with God. And we don't have to worry about reaching that goal, for it is guaranteed. We all come home to God eventually. We cannot make it so ourselves. Only God truly changes people.
When you follow the guidance of the Holy Inspiration, the agreement is that It will keep you from anything that would sidetrack you again. You then no longer have desires that mislead you and goals that keep you from the Light just dissolve. The desire fades to see your brother as a body and thus deny his reality and keep him a prisoner in the hell of the ego. You begin to see how valueless it is to relate that way to another. Every desire to win, to be more or better than another also ceases. You only want to overcome the ego and be more and better than your old conditioned little restricted self.

Ego uses the following saying by Jesus a lot: �Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. (Matthew 6:10-21)
When you collect treasures with your earthly consciousness, you believe in thieves and in mortality and grasping. And then you will also experience all those mental states in your physical existence.

Jesus continued �store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moth nor rust destroy and thieves do not break in and steal them.� He meant: collect treasures with your heavenly consciousness, the consciousness of love and sharing and abundance, the belief in the power of everyone to shape their own experience and be released.

He ended with: �For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.� With these words he wanted to explain that the earthly consciousness does not give peace, while the heavenly does. Your attention is then focused on the stores of God, filled with all the good, with an abundance of everything you need for the life of your body and for your human existence with the restricted perception of that. When all your earthly, human needs are provided for, you automatically focus your attention on the divine truth and reality, the kingdom of God.

I like the following saying of Jesus a lot: �The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are good, your whole body will be full of light. But if your eyes are bad, your whole body will be full of darkness. If then the light within you is darkness, how great is that darkness!�
In the new modern bible translation they did not get it. The translation is completely off. In the original translation the saying is �if your eye is single�. Jesus wanted the real Christians, the ones who have ears to hear, to understand the importance of non-dual thinking. If you value the so-called good and evil of the ego you live in darkness. Ego has concocted opposites to keep us in the darkness of judging. So-called �good� versus so-called �evil�. When you let go of dualism and allow the values of God in, your whole body will be enlightened.
Since I began studying �A Course In Miracles� many people have told me that they see light in me. Very ordinary people, who were themselves amazed about it. God has blessed their eyes in that moment, I think. And in the morning, when I wake up and look in the mirror, there is often a bright glow on my face that even I can see.
I have also been privileged to see that the light is potentially in everyone, but because their eye is not single, the light has been hidden. Fortunately it is very clear in a great many people.

There are various misunderstandings about our attitude toward the world.
In �Activating the Light in the Lord's Prayer� (p.71) I have exposed the ego-interpretation of the next saying:
�No one can serve two masters. Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and Mammon.�
Some modern translations have even translated mammon as money!
This is the text in my book:
�Jesus pointed out that we cannot serve two masters; we cannot serve God and Mammon. Mammon is usually seen as the god of the world, the materialism. But there is more to it.

The Mammon represents dualism, the belief in two powers of so-called good and evil, as opposed to one single divine power. That is why Paul said (I Cor.10:21-22): 'You cannot drink of the cup of the Lord and the cup of devils; you cannot be partakers of the table of the Lord and the table of devils.'
Those who attest to the power of evil are in fact worshippers of that which they so vehemently claim to reject. Guilt-ridden humans needed a being they could project their guilt on.

When Jesus said it is impossible to serve two masters, he meant that the materialistic and dualistic vision is irreconcilable with the spiritual vision. He did not mean that we should live in poverty or that service to God implies 'dying to'. The true meaning of dying to is dying to the little I, the relinquishment of our self-conceit, willfulness, and presumption, and our fearful thoughts. This worship of the Mammon is the attachment to the ego-existence in a world without God.

In 'The Cup or Monad', a part of the Corpus Hermeticum, it is said that all the pleasures should be rejected which the body seems to bestow on them who do not make a connection with the other side of the coin. Because you cannot serve God and Mammon. You cannot give yourself simultaneously to the perishable and the divine. And you cannot love the perishable self, for it reminds you of the vulnerability you think you are subjected to.

When the perishable no longer fascinates you, you really begin to think; your thinking faculty is being developed and then it is possible to receive Knowledge.

You cannot unite the two. It is impossible to bring the perishable to God; and it is impossible to atone God, the unchangeable, with the perishable. God does not know it, cannot know it and will never know it. God does not know that which does not exist. The whole notion of mortality is alien to Him. God is the Good, and nothing else. And nothing else is knowable to Him.

When you begin to remember your true nature again, you will finally be able to love yourself, for you are truly loveable. When you choose this Self, you really are at an advantage. It is a profitable choice. It turns you into a God.

The Mammon is everything that is external and perishable, the whole mortal realm. And not the attachment to possessions; that is a limited and, for the ego, safe definition of it.

In her book �Both Riches and Honor� Annie Rix wrote that the fear of becoming prey to greed and fear of loss and attachment caused people to reject the pleasant things of the earth. They feared earthly riches and despised them and condemned them. But if you have received the heavenly treasures, the earthly are also tossed into your lap, unless you reject them on purpose. Because prosperity on earth only reflects spiritual prosperity.

God does not understand our exchange. Yet everything we have made is being used for our highest good. Therefore money can be regarded as one of the visible manifestations of divine prosperity.

Earthly treasures are impersonal and useful. They only have the value we attach to them. They who long for the earthly riches, whether they have little or a lot of them, are demonstrating what has value for them.

But those who live in forced soberness, apparently value poverty. Detachment does not imply that one should do without something; one just has to live in the realization of being only dependent on God.

I will receive whatever I ask.
I ask only for what God offers me.

We are allowed to have everything. We should only realize that the limiting view of the ego, that pleasant financial circumstances could give you peace, is unfounded. There are many rich and very wealthy people, who graphically illustrate a lack of inner peace.

That is why Jesus said �seek first the kingdom of God and all all these things will be given to you as well�. The mindset you have in the kingdom of God is peaceful and detached. You are only attached to the divine then. In that state you can experience peace, regardless of your the circumstances. And with that consciousness you then automatically attract everything you need.

We are meant to have everything for the adventures, which we wish to undergo. And that has already been given us; we only have to place our 'order'. We cannot order God around, but he is waiting for us to choose whatever we want from His storehouses. In Christ we are heirs and everything our Father has, belongs to us.

Your financial problems are solved if you so choose. Riches, which do not come from the realization of God, bring with them fear of loss and worries. True wealth is the absence of financial worries. We may not have a gold card, but we do have a God card. When we are aware that riches come from God, we can truly enjoy them. They then bring heavenly harmony and peace, for they are unlimited and universal. They bless all creation.

Wealth is a state of mind. Annie Rix Militz gave us the affirmation that wealth should circulate in your life like air through the lungs. However, you should not cling to money. You should give freedom to money. You own the whole world. God takes care of all your financial affairs. You are not dependant on employers, the economy, institutions or the government or the stockmarket. You are only dependent on God, and that also goes for your income.

But when we realize what God really gives us, we do not seek God for the advantages it renders us in the material world; we seek God like a lover yearns to see his beloved. We yearn for God like someone who is drowning yearns for air. And while we do that, 'all things are added' and we realize it is Gods pleasure to give them to us and are grateful, as we are grateful for all His gifts. But our state of mind is paradoxical, because we feel a certain indifference towards the coming or staying of those things, for we experience no lack. Not only do we want for nothing, for God has given us everything, but in fact we only need God. That is what we really want to experience. Anything else is a diversion.

The question is posed how it is possible then that many become rich without minding God. No matter which way man obtains or uses riches, prosperity is still the gift of God. Prosperity is the presence of God. In many descriptions of the Kingdom of God in the Bible examples of worldly prosperity and abundance are used.

However, when someone has formed a clear image of that which he thinks is necessary for his earthly journey and sees it as realized and knows that it is done, it is accomplished, whether he does that with something he fears or something he would like to experience. It may take a while, depending on his ideas about the time necessary and the way in which it has to be accomplished. But the (un)desirable is definitely on its way.

However, the prosperity of those who do not acknowledge their Source, is temporary and does not bring real love, peace and joy, the true riches of man. They are fearful and dissatisfied. They identify with a body and fear for their lives, their health and their loved ones. Some rich people are very unhappy, because they saw money as a last resort to find happiness. It did not happen and then they give up hope of finding true happiness. If even money can't give it to you, what can?

Spirituality and true prosperity go together. And attachment to money or to poverty is not right-minded, for it attests to belief in lack. Money is the root of much good, money is very spiritual. Money is like air, there is more than enough to go around and it is available to us. We don't have to do anything for it. God takes care of His children and gives them everything they need for their earthly journey.

Lasting happiness and prosperity come to those who acknowledge their Source, practice His Presence and are thankful for the gifts they have received. And everything is a divine gift, including the talents and energy that enable us to experience prosperity within the frame of reference we have created ourselves.

Those who are prosperous because they acknowledge their Source, have faith in the future, in themselves and in others. They allow their inner guide to lead them to people and situations that bring harmony and prosperity to all involved. In all their affairs they only want that which is in everyone's best interest. Their kindness and the peace they radiate make them attractive for others. They have the true sensibility, which does not heed the voice of fear, but that of divine reason.

And that one proclaims that everything means them well and everything will work out to their advantage, no matter what it looks like. God wants us to be happy and gives us that which makes us truly happy, if we unite our will with His and restore the communication.

Jesus says that it gives the Father pleasure to give us the Kingdom, to give us mastership over all limitations and difficulties we perceive. Every lack we experience, be it lack of health or material means or harmony, is the consequence of a seeming breakdown in communication. It keeps us from living and thinking in the right way. We must be constantly willing to have everything in our experience that seems to be opposed to God, removed; not as something real, but by letting its lie be replaced by the understanding that God, the good, is all. There is no God and an opposite, there is only God!

If we would need food, that could only consist of the spiritual gifts of God. Only that can sustain us. Divine Love is our daily bread. And there is always plenty of it, we only have to realize it and accept it. And that Love is expressed in our material experience as our eternal life, harmony, happiness, abundance and well-being. We cannot want for anything, even here, because Love sustains us.�