It’s a wonderful day we are living in.  Today is unlike any other day that has ever been known. The closest day that you could say that we have ever had to this day was the first appearance of the Son of God in Jesus Christ.  He was a man unlike any other man that we have ever known. He manifested not only the finest  uplifted  humanity that has been known; but He also manifested the fullness of what God is. Today we are beginning to have glimpses of another man who is the fullness of all that God is.  We are beginning to see  another man appear in this day as the manifestation of the Son of God.  However, this man is not an individual man.  This man is a corporate man.

Jesus was the first man who realized the fact that He was the fullness of God in His human form.  Today we are  beginning to be unveiled to the reality of the fullness of God being manifested in us.  Some people  misunderstand what is being said today, and they say, “People like Gary Sigler and some others are running all over the country telling people that they are God.”  The truth is that we are nothing in ourselves. However I will say this: we have within us the substance, the being, the  essence and the expression of all that God is, but we are not all there is of God.  I like Stacy Wood’s explanation of this.  Stacy says it this way: “The ocean is vast like God.  You can take a cup of water out of the ocean, and in that cup you have all that the ocean is. You have all of its  substance, you have the chemicals, and you have the elements.  Everything of the ocean is in that cup, but that cup with the substance in that cup is not all of the ocean.”  That is all we are saying today.  We are not saying that as an  individual we are the almighty El Elyon God who has    created the universe. That is not what we are saying.  What we are saying is, we are God in the sense that every thing that He is, His very substance, His life, His nature, His character, everything that He is, is now emanating from our being.  We are beginning to see with the eyes of the Spirit of God, rather than from a human, carnal   understanding of God. 

There is so much confusion today among the people of God, especially among what we call “kingdom ranks.”  The day is very similar to the day when John the Baptist began to preach about the Kingdom of God coming to earth. If you can imagine being alive in those days, seeing a man like John the Baptist come on the scene and begin to preach the Kingdom of God is at hand, and then pointing to a human being as he did Jesus and saying, “Behold here is a man who is the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.”  Even from the very foundation or from the very disruption of the world, He is that Lamb that takes away the sin of the world.  No longer do you need to  sacrifice animals.  No longer do you need to live under a concept of rules and regulations, but here is revelation from God, here is a man from God who is literally changing  everything that you have been taught into something new.  Well that is the situation we are in today.  And it is not that this is a day that is new, but it is a day that is new to us.

 I often share that what we are entering into in these days is the Day of the Lord. Yet the day that we are entering into is not a new day, it is an eternal day that has always existed.  For instance, John on the isle of Patmos said, “I was in the spirit on the Lord’s Day, or I was in the spirit on the Day of the Lord.”  And I use to think he meant he was praying on Sunday.  But literally what John did is enter into the day of the Lord. He was on this isle of Patmos totally alone, and so John being the one who loved the Lord so much, you can imagine how much time that John spent probably asking questions, such as why am I here?  What am I doing out on this isle by myself?  Why am I so persecuted for simply loving Jesus?”  But John said while he was in the spirit on the Lord’s Day or on the Day of the Lord, he began to have a revelation.  Now that revelation John had, some of our religious teachers have taken that revelation and turned God into some kind of a monster with it, saying that God is so angry that when it all winds up, that all of these horrible judgments and    torments and bugs as big as Volkswagens are going to come and just do  terrible things to the people of the earth.  What a poor   concept. 

The book of Revelation, as you all know, is a   revelation of Jesus Christ.  And I tell everyone today, if you want to understand not only the book of Revelation, but the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, you have to  understand that it is a revelation of Jesus Christ, not just the end book of Revelation, but the beginning.  From Genesis to  Revelation, the whole book is about the unveiling of Jesus Christ, which is also the unveiling of the mystery of God.  Now if you want to really have an understanding and an unveiling of Jesus Christ, you have to know where He is.  And if you never in reality discover where He is and where He has His essence, you will never be unveiled to the  reality by reading the book, because He is not in the book.  The book is about Him, but He is not the book.  If you want to have an unveiling of Jesus Christ, you have to know where He is. He is dwelling in a people.  He is no longer “the Man of Galilee”.

 I had a tough time when I first heard Des Walter.  I had to really go to God with what Des said, because he just kind of threw this statement out.  We all do that sometimes because in the moment we are speaking, sometimes we say things and we don’t really give a clear explanation of what we mean.  But I heard Des a few years ago when I first met him say this: You know, you just have to give up this man Jesus.”  Well that really threw me for a loop   because all of my life, that was my goal, to be as He is.  And so I went to the Lord with this.  “Lord what is this, give up Jesus?”  You know what He said to me?  “You already have.” Then I understood what Des meant. 

We have to give up this concept of the limited man of Jesus who was in this form of a man.  You see,   Christianity has taken the Man of Galilee and they worship Him, and they sing songs to Him, and there is nothing wrong with that.  But they have lifted Him up in their consciousness sort of like an idol, and worship Him, not really even knowing who He is today, where He is    today, and what this is all about.  We put Him in a manger at Christmas time and we put Him on a cross at Passover and we resurrect Him at Easter time.  We sing to Him and we worship Him, and everything that we do is external.  You see, you have to give that Jesus up, not who He was, not what He did for you, but the concept that He is    something that you are not.  You must give up the concept that He is something to be worshipped separate and apart from who you are, because His whole message was, I am the Son of God and I am come so that you might experience the same life that flows through me.  The   message and    revelation of Jesus Christ, from Genesis to Revelation is that same Jesus, that same Christ, that same essence of His being that He was, is now revealed in a people.  And you see, that’s why He said, “I have to go away.” This was another mystery for me for sometime.  He told His disciples, “It is expedient, it is necessary, and it is absolutely mandatory for me to go away.”  Yet that concept in the Jewish mind was that when the Messiah comes, he would destroy all of their enemies.  He would set up His Kingdom on the earth, and we would all live happily ever after.

  That was the main reason He was rejected, because He wouldn’t do that.  He said, I am not come to   condemn; I am come to give you life.  I’m not come to  condemn the sinner; I am here to make them realize that they have life within them.  So to really have an unveiling of this man Jesus, we have to have our concepts changed as drastically as the Jews did when Jesus came the first time, because our old carnal  understanding will never change. 

Just as the Jews were waiting for Jesus to come and destroy all of their enemies and set up His kingdom on the earth, the Christians today are waiting for the same thing to happen again, because they say, “There is this great day of His second coming.  When He will come He will hold all of His good people up in the air and pour out His  judgments on the sinners, and then He will destroy all of our enemies.  He will set up His kingdom in Jerusalem on the earth, and all of us will live happily every after.”  He didn’t do it the first time for the Jews and He won’t do it the second time for the Christians

.  You see, we’ve lost sight – well we never really had a great insight into the purpose of His being, and His coming.  So He told His disciples He must go away. You see; if Jesus simply wanted to destroy all of His enemies and only keep those that loved Him, He could have done that in a human form and He would not have had to go to the cross.  He said, “I can call ten thousand angels to come to my defense.  You could never put me on the cross if I didn’t want to go there.”  But He said, “If I go away, I’ll send the comforter to you.”  See, that is why it was  necessary.  The only reason Jesus had to go away is to take that old creation, that old mental idea of your self  being alienated and separated from God – that is what we call, “the old creation”, He had to take that identity that you thought you were, He had to take that false image of yourself, which some call “illusion” or “old man” but that old creation idea of you being an individual that is     alienated and separated from God, He said, “I have to take that image to the cross and bury it.  When I do that I will become a life giving spirit (as Paul told the Corinthians, He said, the last man Adam became a life giving, a life quickening, a life   energizing spirit.”  Jesus said also to His disciples, “He that is among you shall be in you.”  He was talking about Himself. 

He said, “He that is among you, when I go away, shall be in you.”  Well what does that mean?  That means the one whom you adore, the one whom you worship, the one whom you would love to have stay with you so He could feed you, nourish you and take care of your enemies, fight your battles; that very one when He goes away will come back to you and enter into you and become your life.  “Great is the mystery of godliness”, Paul told    Timothy.  The mystery of Godliness is “God manifested in the flesh.” The negative of that is “the mystery of iniquity”, which is not some man called “antichrist” that someday is going to come on the scene, but the mystery of iniquity is that  individual who is alienated and separated from God in their consciousness. That is the antichrist.  I was an antichrist for many years as a Christian, not  realizing it.  It is such a mystery, but yet it’s a simple mystery with a little         revelation from the Spirit of God, because antichrist is that self ego that sits in the temple of God declaring himself to be God.  That is what I was as a Christian for many years.  You see; because of religious teachings, we try to take this idea we have of ourselves, these fallen human beings, and we by effort, by prayer, by reading the Bible, by study, and many other things; we try to make this image of ourselves like God.  That is “the abomination of desolation.” 

The human personality that is alienated and  separated from God in their minds will always, especially if they’ve been regenerated, they will always be trying to take that image of themselves and make it like God because that is the desire of their heart.  Yet that image of yourself, that concept of yourself as  being alienated and separated from God is what Jesus took to the cross.  Once you have a  revelation of THAT image of yourself as no longer existing in reality, all you have left then in your consciousness, is that you are becoming a son of God.  Now you are a son of God, but you are not expressing that in its fullness.  And to express that in   fullness is not by learning, it’s not by studying scripture, it’s not by fasting, it’s not by prayer.  There is only one thing that is needful for you to begin to have an unveiling of Jesus Christ within you, living by the power of His   resurrection life, there is only one thing   required.  God has to give you a revelation.  When God gives you a revelation, and you begin to realize by          experience that Christ is within you, then you feel it not robbery to be equal with God, because you have lost that sense of your ego, that sense of self who is separated and alienated from God, and now you have become one who has been unveiled to the reality of the essence, the substance, the expression of God within you, and then what you do is begin to live out from that expression of your new  identity. That is the New Creation Man.

That is why we talk about “mistaken identity,”    because if you are not living as Christ on this earth, if you are not expressing God on this earth, if you are not able to love those who persecute you, if you don’t experience that kind of love and compassion from the depths of your being, then you don’t know who you are, and are still living at least to a degree in a mistaken identity of being an  individual, separate and alienated from God. To know the Father in reality is to have Him living through you, loving through you and reconciling through you.  It is so simple!  And some today are fighting this concept of   mistaken identity. 

I have received more negative comments over the last book that I wrote on “The Incorruptible Seed,”  than anything that I have ever done.  I am losing people off of the mailing list.  I am getting all kinds of  opinions from folks who do not understand what I am saying.  That entire book is simply explaining to you who you really are.  You are not who you think you are unless you are living in that identity of being Christ on the earth.  If you cannot in full conviction say that Christ is  expressing through this temple on the earth, then you have to be living in a mistaken   identity.  It can be very real, for I lived there for many years.  The thing that makes it    difficult is because when you begin to have this revelation, you still focus on that old identity that is still there in your unrenewed mind, but the new identity, the new you is learning how to live out of the expression of God, and the more you do so, the more the LIFE in you begins to push out that old image of yourself.  You begin to experientially then, walk in all the beautiful things of the Kingdom of God.  I used to lay in my bed at night, and I use to cry, and say, “God, what would it be like to really live as these men lived in the New Testament?  What would it be like to be persecuted and have nothing but love flow from your being for those people who are persecuting you?”  Well the Lord took me through the experiences and the circumstances I needed to experience that kind of love.  It was a very hurtful thing but most   rewarding. 

When you begin to really have an unveiling of the heart of God, and the expression of God on the inside of you, then what happens is you begin to react, not out of this human identity, but you begin to react out of your spiritual nature and identity.  And you begin to realize that as people persecute you, as people begin to speak against you, as people begin to spread all kinds of evil rumors about you, you have such an essence in your being that cries out for God to bring them an understanding of His life in them.  Then they won’t do that. 

The thing that is so beautiful about this revelation of Christ in you is that you drop all of the requirements for anybody to believe like you do, or be like you, to be       accepted.  You see, you don’t have to believe like I do for me to accept you and fellowship with you.  I do not  require you to worship God according to my concepts,  because the heart of God in me discerns the heart of God in you.  You can be in a false concept of God, yet if your heart is pure, and you are seeking after God, I can tell that.  I don’t care if you are bowing before an image of a false God, or a statue.  Christians are doing that all time. Christians as well as Hindus, and Buddhists, and all of the religions of the world are simply a means and a method of man trying to regain his fellowship with God.  Every    religion in the world is based on man’s hunger for the knowledge of God.  Every man in any religion or in any culture  whatsoever who is reaching out from his being for the knowledge and the awareness of God will begin to live that life of expressing God perhaps without even knowing that he is doing it.

We are beginning to enter into that day of the Lord, that eternal day where we begin to see all of  creation as God sees them.  There is the substance of God, (spirit) in every man.  In all of humanity there lies the seed of God.  What is that seed of God?  It is the human spirit.  You see, your spirit is that which was created in the beginning in the image of God.  You were not created in the beginning a physical being.  You were created a spiritual being.  We even sing about it. As sons of God we were   created in the very beginning in the image and likeness of God.  We sang together with the morning stars rejoicing over the creation of God.  In the beginning, we were created out of the very substance of God. Created is really not a good word for us. In Genesis 1:27 it says “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God    created he him; male and female created he them” The word created here does not mean to make something out of nothing. It means to cut down. It is the word (baw-raw) In other words, we are a chip off the old block. That is why it takes all of us to be the fullness of God because we are just a chip off the old block.  When you understand that all that fullness is in you, you can begin to see  humanity through the eyes of the spirit.  Oh God, I feel so sorry today for what is happening across our nation with the confusion.  I’ve had people call me recently.  I’ve had meetings canceled recently, because people call me and say, “Gary, we love your message, but we are so afraid of being deceived.”


I want to share with you in this message about  deception.  Paul told Timothy in 1 Timothy chapter 4, “The spirit expressly says that in the last days some shall depart from the faith giving heed to seducing spirits and        doctrines of devils.” 

This is the main verse that most of religion uses to keep their people in bondage to their concepts and   denominations. Any time one starts to be an independent thinker that is going outside the box that they have formed for themselves, they will warn you to be   careful.  Paul told Timothy that, ‘In the last days there are  going to be doctrines of devils.”  Christianity has taken this verse and boxed people in a huge box of fear of  receiving anything, reading anything or seeking anything that is different from the main thought of Christianity.  Then any time that you begin to be independent thinkers outside of that Christian box – and today for me it is the box of the Kingdom. The moment you begin to think  outside the “box” of the    Kingdom, they say, “Well, you better be careful.  You don’t want to get into deception.  In these last days you  better watch what you read and who you listen to.”

 What they do not realize in saying this is that they are taking the place of the Holy Spirit in your life. He is well able to lead and guide you into all truth. We must learn to discern by our spirit not by what someone else says.   What Paul is talking about in these verses happened two thousand years ago.  “But it says it is the last days we will be deceived.”  According to scriptures the last days began with Jesus.  Why did they say, the last days were two thousand years ago? The last days that they were talking about happened in AD 70 when Titus came in and destroyed Jerusalem.  That was the end of that age. The age that ended was the age of   religion, the age of the Old   Testament sacrifice, the age of almost everything the    Jewish religion held as godly, was literally destroyed.  Then a few years later, out came this concept of the    clergy laity.  The leaders of the church system in those days said “Well, you know, God really talks to me.  And I’ve built up a relationship with God. I can understand the  scriptures, but you common guys, you can’t understand them.” It was taught during the dark ages that only the priests could understand the word and the common people were not to read the scriptures.  The Catholics began to teach that the Bible was never written for the common man. It has only been in recent years that the Catholics  authorized the commoners to read the scriptures.  I don’t have a thing in the world against Catholics. most of them love God just like we do. 

We have all been trapped in a mind-set by our religious ancestors, just as the Jews were. We have been freed from Judaism, from the law, from the sacrifice of  animals, into doing nothing but accepting God’s love and forgiveness, accepting the offering at Calvary, realizing that by one offering, He, Jesus Christ, perfected forever those that are sanctified.  “Oh, if I only knew that I am  sanctified, how wonderful that would be.”  Well you have to be because the sanctification was for the world.  It    wasn’t just for a select few. You see, God was in Christ reconciling the world unto Himself, not holding them     accountable for their sin, and has set all creation free from the guilt of sin.  You are not guilty!  That is a  message in itself.  If you are at all familiar with our  ministry, that is what we minister all the time, not guilty. God looks at Christ in us. He does not look at that human identity that’s been formed in you since your birth.  He realizes that is not who are, that is not who He created you to be, and that is not who you are going to be in the future. That image of your will be totally annihilated by the Spirit of Christ beginning to arise within you.  So those seducing spirits and doctrines of demons came into the church way back right after the original apostles began to pass from this physical realm. The deception, the doctrines of demons  began to be spread in the beginning by the Catholic Church.  They began to bring in the damnable heresies.

 The deception in all of the teachings in   Christianity is, how that you are sinful and that you are born in sin.  You are born alienated and separated from God. As I wrote in my writing on “The Incorruptible Seed” you  cannot possibly be born in sin because of Calvary. You came here from the presence of God a spiritual being not a sinful being. You were born in a physical world where you were taught you were a sinner and because the mass    consciousness of the world believes you are born a sinner you pick up that belief by default. 

Another doctrine of demons is the teaching that you cannot be one with God. However that is exactly what   Jesus taught in John 17. The Father in me does the works.  The image of yourself as a separate being trying to be like God is the abomination of desolation. You are a  manifestation of God in the flesh. That is the mystery of godliness.

The doctrines of demons are so prevalent, that they even got into the scriptures, such as the teachings about an angry God who would punish most of His creation in a endless burning hell.

It was no different in Jesus’ day.  I say this a lot but it is so true. Jesus said, when He came, “I know what your scriptures say.  “An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth’.  But I say to you, love your enemy.”  Well what is He saying?  He says, “I know what your scriptures say, but you better listen to me.”  Well we have some men on the earth today, and women, who are saying, “I know what your Bible says, but you had better listen to us. That sounds so egotistical.  I’m sure Jesus had to deal with this, “Who does this guy think he is?”  There are people on the earth today who know who God is in them, and nothing that they read, or can be said to them that does not line up with the character of God, whom they know and love, and has  become a part of their being,  nothing that they read in scripture, nothing that is said by the penetration of the ears can change who they know God to be.  So I can tell you, I know what your Bible says.  But I know also how religion has interpreted the Bible for us to make it say some things God never intended.

So just like John the Baptist, here we are again,   another voice crying in the wilderness.  And there is such a change coming in these days that is just as drastic as it was in John’s day, because we have say to people, “Well look, I know who you are looking for.  You are looking for the man of Galilee to come back again to destroy all of your enemies, and usher you into the kingdom where you will live happily ever after.”  That is not going to happen!  The doctrine of the second coming is absolutely an erroneous doctrine as it is taught today. 

I will tell you of the second coming.  Jesus said, “I won’t leave you orphans.  I won’t leave you alienated and separated.  I realize the value you have placed on me as a human being.  So when I do go away, I won’t leave you orphans.  I will come to you.  And I will no longer just be among you, but I will be in you!”  So when He went away, He only went away for about 40 days, and He came back on the day of Pentecost in the Spirit, and  entered into all of those there.  In fact, it happened before the day of  Pentecost to His disciples.  In the gospel of John 20:22: on the very day of His of His resurrection He came back. It says, “He breathed on His disciples, and He said, ‘Receive you the Holy Spirit.”  Then He that was among them came into them through the very breath of God.  It kind of takes you back to Genesis 2 where it says, “God breathed into Adam.”

 We all had become alienated and separated from God in our minds, not knowing where we came from, who we are, or where we are going.  But Jesus came back on the very day of resurrection, and He breathed in His disciples, and He entered into them, and became the Spirit of life within them never to leave or forsake them.

A few years later there came this doctrine, this teaching of the second coming of Christ that again put Him out there somewhere outside of them to come again.  As long as you are looking for Him to come someday, you don’t know where He is today.  If you don’t know where He is today you will never walk in the kingdom in reality. If that is our reason for living, that “one day Jesus is going to come and save us from all of this” we have missed His reason for coming.  Do you think He is in the heavens sitting on the right hand of God?  Well He is, but you don’t know where the heavens are, because the heavens are a state of being, a state of consciousness, and a state of awareness of being seated with Him in those  heavenly places.  We are now living and ruling from the heavens, and not from the earth.

You see; those who are ruling from the earth are still trying to take this earthly image of themselves, and make it more acceptable to God. I tried that way for years. I prayed everyday.  I read 10 chapters a day.  I prayed in the spirit for at least an hour a day.  I did all of those things that I was suppose to do to take this image of     myself that was so alienated from God, and make it acceptable, make it more godly, make it presentable unto God. That is the spirit of antichrist. It is a hard concept to accept, but if you are taking a human image of yourself and trying to make it into God, that is the abomination of desolation!  That image of yourself will never become God. Oh you can make it better.  You can dress it up.  You can quit smoking and chasing women.  You can go to church, sing and dance, clap, be all you want to be.  You can make it better.  But you’ll still be the abomination of desolation because it is a human image of yourself sitting in the temple of God trying to be like God. Or thinking you can become God.

  Well, when you realize that all of the old creation Jesus took to the cross and raised us all up as the new  creation, then there is nothing you need but the unveiling of who God is in you.  You are not just a human being; you are a spiritual being, divinely human.  You are God manifesting in the flesh.  Now if you say that out of your ego or your carnal mind, that  is the abomination of desolation the scriptures talk about.  But if the ego or the carnal mind is removed, what else can you be but a manifestation of God? 

In reality there is only one life in this universe that is real, only one, and that is God’s life.  The way to  discover that this human personality isn’t real is to become acquainted with the real you, the essence of His being, His substance within you, and to begin to live out of that  awareness, and out of that consciousness. You will then begin to have love for all of humanity. You will then  realize that everything that you thought that you were was not realIt really wasn’t real.  I know that concept is  being fought, but if we do not get through that battle, we will always be in a mistaken identity, and we will always be trying to become something with that identity that we already are in our spirit.  So we have to lose that identity of being alienated and separated from God.  And you know, Paul told the Colossians, that the alienation only took place in the mind.  He said, “You sometimes were alienated and enemies in your mind by wicked works.” Col 1:21  But in reality, in your spirit, in the deepest recesses of your being, you are a spiritual being.  And we are beginning to learn to live from that consciousness.


It can be a very hard struggle with the natural mind.  A lot of the saints are going through this struggle right now, trying to discern the spiritual mind from the natural.  Do you know what I call it?  I call it “the Battle of  Armageddon” – because it’s the last battle that takes place in our mind that destroys all of those concepts of us being just a human being.  You see, in the battle of   Armageddon, the spirit within us will war against our   natural thinking mind until all of those concepts we have that we have been alienated and separated from God are defeated in our consciousness. The Spirit will war with our natural thinking until we stand as a son of God on the earth living from the mind of Christ.  Until we learn how to live fully in the new creation man, we will be in this warfare. The Spirit of Christ within us will never give up on us until every carnal, natural, devilish thought is  defeated within us.

Now, nowhere have I said in this message that I’m perfectly manifesting Christ in my flesh. My flesh is still somewhat affected by this carnal physical realm. However, day by day and moment by moment I am becoming more aware of the mind of Christ functioning within me. If you come and live with me you will see the love of God  manifested in this vessel.  You will also see the  frailties, and the weaknesses.  But you see, that is mystery of   godliness.  No matter how spiritual one is, until the last trump, until the transfiguration of this body, you’ll always be able to see with the natural eyes the weaknesses of the flesh.  But you have to realize that the treasure, the Christ of God is in human vessels.  I say this a lot, but this has been a valuable thing to me for thirty years or more, that there is no vessel that is so sinful or natural that it does not contain the treasure. God is working from the inside (our spirit) out. I may still suffer some weakness or sickness in my body, but Christ within me is rising and walking in resurrection life. I do not look at or focus on the weaknesses of the flesh, but my emphasis is always on Christ within me  swallowing up death until this natural body is consumed by my spiritual body and then death will be totally eradicated and I will then have a body  fashioned like unto Christ’s glorious body.   Then the battle of Armageddon will be  finished.


  What religion has done to us is teach us to focus on the natural, to focus on the sin, disease, sickness and death. If we are sinning they teach us to focus on trying to overcome the sin, or focus on believing for a healing      instead of focusing on the Christ within us. Our new  creation man is not sick or sinful. We must quit trying to  improve the flesh man and begin to live from the new   creation man.  When we minister to someone who is living a life that is not godly, instead of trying to correct them in an outward way we should minister to the Christ within them until they begin to awake in His likeness. We must realize that in every man, there is the treasure.  When I say the word “man”, the word “man” in the scripture is “mankind”, both male and female. 

I was taught by religion that to walk in the spirit you must renew your mind and to renew your mind you must memorize scripture.  I did that.  I used to quote books of the Bible.  The first book of the Bible I learned was Ephesians.  I could quote it from verse 1 to the end.   I will say it was very beneficial for me to memorize scripture  because many times the Lord has spoken to me from my knowledge of the scriptures. However memorizing      scripture did not deliver me from the lust of the flesh or many other things I was in bondage to. Memorizing    scripture may renew your natural mind to some extent but it is still natural. To renew your mind in the sense that the Apostle Paul meant is to allow that mind of Christ that is already in you to begin to function. Paul uses the word “let”, “Let that mind be in you.  Begin to realize that the mind of Christ is not something that you attain; it is  something that you already have.  There are not words to express some things, because I want to say you need to learn to live out of that mind, but you can’t learn it. You have to become aware of it. 

I could say it this way: the only spiritual battle  today that we need to be concerned about is right between our ears.  Again, that is the battle of Armageddon.  It’s not about devils in the airways, and I am not saying that there might not be some there.  But I’ll tell you, for three or four years I really went into spiritual warfare.  I saw devils, and I cast devils out of people. However today I can’t find any. You see, there is a realm in God, a        consciousness in God where you are seated with Him in heavenly places, and you have complete dominion. In the kingdom of heaven there are no demons. Do you think the devil could possibly have any dominion in the kingdom of heaven?  I don’t think so.  My experience is the more I fought  demons, the more real they became, and the more intense the battle.  Some people actually die or go  insane from spiritual warfare.  I’m not saying they are not real, or there are not beings out there, but they don’t concern me any longer.



I learned a few years ago that as I speak, I do not have to be concerned about what people think in their mind.  The Lord revealed to me some twenty years ago when I was a pastor, that if I would speak words of spirit and life, from the essence of my being, from my spirit, the people in the church, even though they may not understand what I was saying, it would create change in their hearts. That has been intensified in twenty years, so I know that as I speak change will take place in the hearers.  People some times will challenge me as I speak.  In some of the  meetings I have had them walk out mad and upset.      However, if they sit there very long their spirit knows truth. The words that are spoken in spirit many times pass the mind but they go down into the spirit.  As I speak, some of those seeds are going to fall into your mind, and some are going to fall into your emotions where you will get excited, some of these words will fall way down into the good soil of the spirit, and those words take root. 

Sometimes maybe three months after I’ve ministered somewhere that the people had been so angry with me, they will call me crying, on the phone and say, “I see what you were saying.” This is the most wonderful    message and you do not have to convince anyone, and you don’t have to get upset if they get mad at you, or they do not understand you, because you know that the Word will not return unto you void.  It is the most wonderful thing, because there is never any anger that arises in you from that kind of conduct coming from people.  Why would I get  upset over someone getting mad at me for not  understanding what I am saying?  That’s why Jesus on the cross said, “Father forgive them, for they don’t know what they are doing.”  Everyone that comes up against you that you would consider an enemy, or in opposition, has no idea what they are doing.  If they had the slightest concept that they were persecuting the Son of God, they would not do it.  They think that you are teaching people New Age concepts, you are teaching them  deception, deceivable doctrines, and you are leading them astray.  Well, they are only doing what they feel is right and that is to protect the people that they are ministering to.  So how can you get mad at them?  You have to say, “God have mercy.”  My heart is to see every man have this understanding of the substance of God that is within them.  You see, that is all we want!  We aren’t trying to make names for ourselves.  We are not trying to build buildings.  We are not trying to anything. We just want people to   understand that God wants to fill them with Himself. 

You take just a couple of verses out of scripture like this, “But in the last days, some shall depart from the faith giving heed to seducing spirits.”  People all over the nation are calling me because of the controversy that is taking place and they are saying, “I’m just afraid, I do not want to be deceived by New Age.”  That is why I tell people you do not have to fear being deceived if your heart is after God. I would never say you cannot be deceived because many have been. However if your heart is after God He will lead you out of any deception that you may find yourself in. 

The people of God have been deceived for two thousand years by some of the teachings of Christianity and other religions.  So of course I know deception is out there.  But I also know that if you get to understand the character and the nature of God, you could not possibly fear  deception, because one of the first things you begin to realize as you get acquainted with God’s nature and His character is that He is sovereign over your life.  So even if you are in deception, that deception will be there for a reason and a purpose.  I have been in deception.  I have been deceived..  So I would never tell people it’s not  possible.  But I will say that you don’t need to fear it, because if your heart is after God, and that is really what you want, and you get into deception, you think God cannot save you?

 I was in a group several years ago and I knew there was some deception there, but yet I still felt that God had me there for a purpose.  I was sitting in my car one morning before I was getting ready to go to a meeting, and God just spoke up within me and said, “That’s enough.  You don’t need to go there anymore.” 

If you are in some fear today of being deceived, and if what we say and what we have been ministering the past 6 or 7 seven years, has been a help to you I want to ask just one thing: What is your heart telling you?  What has been your experience since listening to this ministry?  One  person called me and said, “I just have to get off your  mailing list. I am concerned about some saying you are New Age, and I don’t want to be deceived.”  I said to him, “What has been your experience?”  “Well Gary, (He said) we are reading the material.  We have experienced such a freedom from guilt.  We have begun to experience a love of God like we’ve never known.”  “You want to be off the mailing list,   because someone has told you that we are New Age?” This was the case of someone who knew in their heart that they were being blessed but they let their intellect be influenced by what another preacher had said. 


You see, no matter how influential someone is to me, they cannot change what I know to be the truth on the inside.  Now there was a day when they could do that  because I felt more confidence in men than I felt in my  ability to be able to hear God.  So if you do not learn to trust your heart, what your heart is saying to you, and you put your confidence in a man, then when that man says something to you, you are going to follow that man rather than what your heart is telling you.  That is why   everywhere I go I say, “You have an anointing.”  1 John says, “You have an anointing.  And that anointing will teach you all things.  But you see, most of God’s people have never been taught how to follow that anointing   because that anointing doesn’t  operate from the intellectual realm.  You can’t always  understand it with the natural mind.  The Anointing within you may be leading you in a direction, and in your heart you will say, “Oh this is so wonderful!’  But when your confidence is in the arm of flesh and your pastor begins to tell you, “Be careful, you are getting into deception,” you will leave the anointing within and follow your pastor. Also religion will tell you that your heart is desperately wicked, and that is so untrue.  In the New Covenant that heart of stone is taken out and you are given a heart of flesh. “A new heart also will I give you, and a new spirit will I put within you: and I will take away the stony heart out of your flesh, and I will give you an heart of flesh.” Ezek 36:26 

 That is the New Covenant.  God takes out that heart of stone and gives us a heart of flesh. He puts His spirit within us to guide us from within.  What had not been clear to us is that spirit that anointing does not operate through our intellect.  It can, but you have to have your mind  renewed.  The only way you can get your mind  renewed is to stop going to the arm of flesh, and  begin to follow that anointing that is within you.  Trust in God enough to know that even if you are wrong God is going to lead you out of it.

That is another thing that is changing us this hour. We are learning not to go to the arm of flesh to get our   answers. I listen to teachers today.  Nevertheless when I hear them, it has to bear witness with what God is saying to me.  A lot of times what God is saying to you and what you are feeling in your spirit will not line up with what you know in your intellect.  So you have to make the    decision to go with the heart, with what you feel to be true in your heart rather than with what you know to be true in your  intellect, and that is difficult. 

How anyone could say today that the message of mistaken identity is a false doctrine, I’ll never understand.  We are beginning to realize and say “I’m not a human just a human being; I am a son of God.” I realize that for 30 some years I lived in a mistaken identity.  I thought I was a human being alienated and separated from God.  I could not get rid of all those things in my life that I tried so desperately to overcome, and couldn’t. One day I had a  revelation; I had an understanding, that the person who was not able to  overcome was not really me. I was simply   living out of a carnal mind instead of the mind of Christ.  I am a spiritual being in the likeness of God; that is who I am!  Then I could look at that old nature, I could look at those old things in my life that I know shouldn’t be there.  I can  identify them as carnal and a part of the old creation.  The living and abiding Word of God is living and operative to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit. So if there is anything in my life that is not godly, I can discern it by the spirit, and I can look at it and I can say, “That is not me anymore.”  There may still be some things  operating in my flesh that have not yet been overcome, but that is not me, it is still a principle of sin and death that may be trying to  operate in my life, but I don’t identify with that anymore.  I am a son of God!  I bask in His light and His glory.  His love emanates from my being.  That is who I am.  One day at that last trump, in the twinkling of an eye, the inner man will consume the outer man. Then you will see Him in His fullness. 

Until that day, we continue to see every man as God sees him, in His image and likeness.  We look beyond the flesh, beyond their weaknesses, and beyond their human identity, and minister to them until the Christ in them begins to come forth.

Gary Sigler November 2004


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